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Uganda dialogue event on enabling equitable research system – Communique

23rd October

Government has recognised the critical role that Ugandan research plays in development, as articulated in NDP2 and Vision 2040 .

In order for this vision to be realized we need stronger cohesion and collaboration across the national research system.

Recognizing that many actors within this system have a role to play in achieving national development aspirations, UNCST and INASP convened a dialogue event with national research and policy institutions and CSOs to explore approaches to enable a cohesive and equitable research system.

The following, summarizes the emerging vision and goals discussed by participants during this event.  


Our vision for a strong Ugandan research system, is one which:

Works together in a coordinated and collaborative way to deliver research that enables transformation, is resilient and achieves solutions to society’s problems.

Is based on partnership, gender parity, connectivity and focused on achieving a cohesive goal

Is comprised of open and diverse networks that include and nurture all kinds of voices and knowledge systems.

Is not risk averse or confined to the ways things have been done, but looks to the future – acknowledging how things could be done to achieve growth, change and progress


We are currently developing plans to achieve the following:

  1. A unified, nationally driven Ugandan research system that is able to respond to national priorities
  2. Equitable resource allocation to, within and between Ugandan research institutions, both public and private
  3. Greater collaboration between institutions within the Ugandan research eco-system
  4. Inclusion and gender parity in research and HE
  5. National knowledge generation, transfer and application to establish Uganda as an active contributor to research growth, technological innovation and socioeconomic development
  6. Strengthened national technology infrastructure for Ugandan research
  7. Strong research publication quality and ownership of the Ugandan research publishing process

We look forward to continuing to work together on the development of implementation plans and realization of a stronger unified national research system for Uganda

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