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Help INASP develop online courses for the Ugandan context

INASP are seeking critical friends from Uganda to assist in the development of two online courses.

Facilitating Events and Courses in an Online World is an online tutorial is designed for anyone interested in developing their knowledge and abilities in facilitating online events and courses. This course is currently a self-study resource and INASP now want to develop a version of the course which is facilitated, meaning learners will interact with each other and instructors as well as learning independently. We are interested in getting the perspective of people in the Ugandan context to understand what kind of interactive elements we could introduce and where these could be most usefully placed in the course.

Foundational Research Skills is a new course INASP are currently developing. This course will cover research skills, including methodology (qualitative and quantitative), data and statistics. This course is designed to support researchers who have indicated lower levels of confidence with these issues or who need additional support with research basics to help them with their research writing. We are seeking critical friends to give their feedback on an initial course outline, and later, on a more detailed plan for the course design.

Critical friends should be:

  • Interested in or with experience of one of the above course topics
  • Able to spend approximately 3 hours in May/June to give feedback on the course


Critical friends should also have one or more of the following:

  • Experience of learning design or development
  • Experience of online learning facilitation
  • Completed INASP or AuthorAID courses in the past


Please contact Roisin Manning on by 7 May 2021 if you are interested in being involved.

Sian Harris

Sian Harris


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