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The Gender Equity in Research Alliance welcomes both individual and institutional membership. Through the Alliance, institutional members can connect with other institutions across the country to share gender equity approaches and learning. They can share training opportunities and strengthen gender equity at regional and national levels, as well as within their own institutions.

Individual members add additional energy to the Alliance and are part of a collective strong voice to influence research and higher education systems across Uganda to be more equitable in terms of gender.

Benefits of membership

Being a member of Gender Equity in Research Alliance offers many benefits to both institutions and individuals.

Develop skills, experience and connections:

  • Meet new colleagues
  • Discover and participate in research collaborations
  • Learn about opportunities for training and support
  • Share and develop technical skills
  • Be mentored or gain experience as a mentor to younger researchers
  • Strengthen your institution’s reputation in gender equity

Be part of shaping the Alliance for the future:

  • Have an opportunity to feedback and help shape the Alliance’s objectives and structures
  • Be involved in institutional and regional training and contributing ideas

Make a difference to gender equity in Uganda:

  • Be part of a national resource on gender in research
  • Be listed on our national database of research and gender experts
  • Build stronger synergies in the national research system
  • Gain institutional and regional recognition for effectively promoting gender equity
  • Advocate for gender equity at institutional, regional and national levels
  • Demonstrate and help develop a commitment to gender equity in higher education and research in Uganda