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Our activities are designed to identify and tackle gender inequity at our various institutions. We aim to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to redress policies, practices and procedures that perpetuate inequities in our research system between men and women. We focus on creating institutional focal persons and committees to mainstream gender, facilitate training, policy development including HR policies, and enable greater equity in research team composition. We also work to ensure that the next generation of researchers have an improved and more equal experience of accessing and experiencing higher education and careers in research.

Activities include:

  • Advocate for creation of gender units at institutional level
  • Advocate for the appointment of gender focal persons in these institutions
  • Advocate for gender parity at all levels – recruitment, management, administration, teaching, learning and research
  • Advocate for the deliberate engagement of men and women researchers/academics at all levels of the university including: senior levels of university administration and management, within research teams, in the recruitment of teaching and learning staff, etc.
  • Enable extensive networking of members through the creation of platforms for interaction, sharing resources and learning
  • Develop a platform with members affiliations, roles, research interests
  • Share good/best practice and experiences/information or other resources
  • Produce publications on successes, challenges, case studies, blogs, newsletters etc.
  • Provide on-going capacity development for members
  • Facilitate collaborative research among members
  • Identify and provide training for a “core trainers” group within the alliance to serve as a resource regionally
  • Facilitate the dissemination and uptake of research more widely
  • Produce quarterly reports/newsletter to keep members informed