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Robinah Seruga Nakabo

Regional Coordinator - Central region

Robinah Seruga Nakabo is regional coordinator for central region.

Robinah is a Research Fellow at the Centre for African Studies, Uganda Martyrs University. A holder of an MA Philosophy (Mak); MA Organizational Leadership (USA) and a BA Social Sciences (Mak) majoring in gender and development, Robinah taught Philosophy of Gender, Research Methodology, Ethics and Human Rights in Uganda and Communication Skills at the Department of Philosophy at Makerere University between 2013 and 2018. She is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Science and Sustainable Development—an official publication of Uganda Martyrs University—and Uganda Martyrs University Book Series. Currently, she is investigating followership and women’s empowerment for sustainable development under the auspices of the doctoral fellowship program of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and Makerere University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research interests include Philosophy of Gender, Political Philosophy and Gender and Development.